BOGSEA Bangs Hair Clip in Bangs Real Human Hair Wispy Bangs Fringe with Temples Hairpieces for Women Clip on Air Bangs Flat Neat Bangs Hair Extension for Daily Wear (Wispy Bangs, (Brown Black)) : Everything Else


About this item Free style:It can well modify various face shapes. Also you can cut the bangs to any length as you like to fit your face and your hairstyle.Becoming cute and sexy attractive in one second when dating/party/wedding/daily use. 100% Human Hair:The bangs are made of high-quality virgin hair, hand-crocheted. You are free to perm and dye.Human hair will show white smoke while burning and will turn to ash; synthetic hair will show black smoke and will be a sticky ball after burning. NATURAL Experience & BLEND WELL:Clip in hair bangs with temple are made of human hair, sewn in good clips. The clips have a strong strip and seam is barely invisible, so other people cannot tell it is a bang on top of your own hair. Also enough thickness to cover the forehead without worrying about wispy. Easy return & unconditional refund – if the hair bang cant meet your expectation, you can contact us to exchange or get refund as long as the hair is in good condition.If you like our hair, pls share your image or video with us! We will do better with your encouragement. TIPS: Can be dyed into other colors and styled as you like. But remember frequent styling may cause dry end or split. Use mild hair conditioner can prolong the usage of extensions.

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Wispy Bangs, Thick Bangs


(Brown Black), (Dark Brown), (Light Medium Brown), (Medium Redsh Brown ), (Natural Black), (Strawberry Blonde), Ash Blonde, Medium Grey Reddish Brown, black brown, dark brown, light medium brown, natural black, strawberry blonde

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I had pretty low expectations, and was mostly just experimenting, but I LOVE these and they might become part of my daily look. Everyone who’s seen them thinks they’re real.I have very fine hair, not a lot of it, and a cowlick so bad I can’t do a middle part and it’s even poking out of this hairpiece. So I’ve never been able to make real bangs work, even though I love them. These are perfect, and I was shocked how well they match my real hair (Garnier Licorice Black 10, lol). They blend super well, they’re just wispy enough, they style/straighten well… Basically I’m in love. They even look pretty good from the top! Great great value.

I just look HORRIBLE with bangs!! Haha! Absolutely would have kept this product if I had liked the look on me – they were light weight and something that could easily be shaped to frame your face. The color was spot on, the hair felt good – highly recommend if you’re looking to try bangs!

I have some high light in places but is mostly natural, I got the black brown and it blends with my hair pretty well. Does have some shine to it but not too noticeable.Will need back combing at the root, slight trim and styling to achieve the “air bang” concept. Over all a pretty good piece for the price.

Nice quality, the synthetic hair is a very nice texture and doesn’t have any weird smell. The clip is very nice quality. The hair came packaged well to maintain a nice shape. I don’t have any hair and I wear these bangs with a head band wig to make it look more natural. Recommend.

I’d never heard of clip on bangs but I was definitely intrigued, esp since I’d been considering making the cut myself in my pandemic boredom.Made the purchase, tried them on (easy to figure out with zero extension experience)It looked super realistic and matched my hair perfectly! But….I don’t think bangs are a good look for me. At least not something I could rock all the time, but that’s just me and my face bones, not the product.That being said—-I am super happy with my purchase. It allowed me to see what I might look like with bangs without making a cut and being stuck with it until it grew out.And if I ever feel like having bangs? It’s right there in my drawer ready to clip on and go about my day with minimal effort.**It does need a little floofing right out the bag but that’s to be expected so just a heads up.

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 Love this!!! Look so natural I got black brown. And it matches my hair perfectly.

Theses are amazing! I’m a bun warrior seems that’s all I have time for most days but these clip in bangs gave NY bun a whole new fresh look! I ordered band before but they came with only a comb ..which defeated the purpose cause it was not secure at all & no way wearable. These wispys do have a clip! .got lots of compliments and they really made me feel pretty. I wish they were longer so they could meet somewht at the bun to blend the edge but I pulled a small strand of my hair on each side to blend.

We all know how high-maintenance actual bangs are. These are great for anyone who doesn’t want to commit to bangs/who loves the look, but is super lazy like me. Knowing absolutely nothing about wigs, extensions, “faux” hair solutions, I stupidly was trying to attach the bangs by sliding it into my hair via the “combs” of the clip without bending the clip. I probably ripped out enough hairs to make my hair into real bangs…but thankfully, God invented YouTube for idiots like me who realized the bangs were literally attached to a barrette where you bend it to open. Wow. Facepalm. Anyways…when you first get them in the mail, they are pretty bent/curled on the bottom so I just used a straightener once over them and now they’re perfect! Be cautious of how you store them because even just lying them flat on a surface will really flatten them out. I just have the bangs draped off the side of the box to still give the bangs a slight curve when I put them on.I’ve used these for multiple video calls already and everyone thinks I got a haircut! Fortunately, I have black hair and the black bangs easily matched my hair. I’m still trying to figure out how to style the top of my hair so that the clip will blend in better in real life. Either way, they’re super fun to use when you wanna change up your look but don’t want to actually cut your hair because you hate the commitment of bangs!

First off, these actually matched my hair which surprised me. Also, I dyed mine to match more and it took the color well. I recommend getting a Velcro hair roller to help keep that bump shape bc a straightener won’t achieve this look, it’ll just make it flat without the volume. I got these to discreetly hide my heeling eyebrows and now it’s a matter of does it match my ootd now lol whatever the reason, get it!

Right out of the package and clipped onto my head these looked plasticky and ridiculous – BUT once I took a flat iron to them and find of ironed them to one side, they fell much more naturally. I also recommend trimming them so you can clip closer to your forehead, as they are sparse enough that you can see your pulled back natural hair underneath. It took my husband and 5 year old a solid hour to figure out what was so different about me due to how closely this matched my hair and looked natural. 🙂

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